Barneys 24 August

Barney's sign

We had a very lively crowd that night.  Something happening upstairs as well, so competing with more (loud) music.  Still, it was buzzing so that was great.  Back shortly on 14th September. 

Coach and Horses

We're still on at the Coach and Horses once a month.  Our next appearance (Alex'n Aprile) is on 26th September.  Be great to see a group of friends there again.  Nice easy parking, thank goodness. 

August/September gigs - Irish band

We've been busy with gigs both indoors and out with the band.  Some were public and others barn dances for wedding and anniversary.  Lucky with the weather at Ansty's Fun Day, a yearly event for us and the sunniest yet. 

Little Bay gigs on 13th August and 10th September

We both enjoyed these gigs - the food was great as always and very plentiful.  We tried a few "new" numbers.  Nice to see some familiar faces turn up to support us as well - thanks Phil and Sheila, Ted and Mary!  Alex is keeping very fit running between the piers after finding somewhere to park!!  That's Brighton for you.  Still fixing the date in October - but hopefully will be either 8th or 22nd.

First gig at the Little Bay Cafe on Brighton Seafront

Little Bay, Brighton

The Little Bay Cafe is a very friendly place and the food is good and plentiful, the staff are helpful too.  The decor is a bit wild and unusual - but I guess that's just normal Brighton seafront.  In any case, it all seemed to go very well and the diners were supportive.  Thanks to them and to Toby for helping sort it all out for us.  Alex and I will be back on 13th August. 

Eastbourne bandstand again (July 18th 2013)

Eastbourne Bandstand

Well - at last it wasn't raining or freezing.  However, it was windy and cold enough to need some extra clothing.  Our young bass player managed to miss the gig - he fell asleep and ended up at the wrong station - still, there's always something last minute to deal with and Jonathan does a great job!!  Had a bigger crowd and they weren't all swathed in blankets this time.  Thanks to all those who turned up. 

Eastbourne bandstand gigs


Oh - what is it with Eastbourne ???  First we had the fog and drizzle and squalls and last Thursday it managed to stay dry - but it was so cold!!  I had to resort to the fingerless gloves at the end.  The poor audience were sitting there wrapped up with blankets and winter clothes.  Luckily we had some brilliant dancers to try and encourage people not to think about the cold, but some people did apologise during the break and leave, because they couldn't take any more (of the cold, I hope, not the band!). 

Barneys, Worthing

Barney's sign

Yet another line-up for the gig at Barneys in Portland Road.  People tend to turn up later rather than earlier and I guess we're competing with Wimbledon, The Stones at Glastonbury, The Hare and Hounds night..... etc.  However, it went fine and Mike is doing a grand job making sure there's some jazz nearly every Saturday.

Coach and Horses June gig

Had a good one up there - yes, it was raining of course, but people turned up to eat and listen.  Thanks to those who came.  We won't be there on the last Thursday of July, but hopefully there may be something happening on the Sunday instead.  So keep tuned.