Swingshift Big Band Trip to Burgundy

A Puligny

The Big Band had a week in Beaune, the classic wine area.  Three gigs at three of the top wine villages were brilliant.  Not without drama, with one of the band going missing for 6 hours.  She turned up just in time to play.  And performing without cover in 28 degrees heat.  I wandered off to get water from the supermarket with our organiser in Chagny, which has the biggest market in France and only just fought my way back through the crowd to perform the first number!  The Band was so well received - we'll be back, maybe next year.

Private gig on Sunday 6th April

I don't usually write about private gigs, but this one was a milestone for me as it was the first I've done on my own with the keyboard!  It went very well - a celebration of vows - and many thanks to Colin and Juliet.  So, I am now available for gigs where background piano and gentle vocals is required.  For more up-tempo requirements, Alex and I are also keen to be playing as a duo. 

Swingshift Gig on 20th March

The band got together in Tunbridge Wells, to celebrate the life of one of our own, who sadly passed away recently.  Love to Diane and Will's family and hope the music helped to bring some cheer to a sad day. 

Folk gigs in March

Four gigs done and one to go.  Mostly St Patricks, as we are an Irish band and this is our busiest time!  Burgess Hill was the venue for two.  Hopefully we may get some more work in that area in future.

Coach and Horses

We were pleased to see some old and some new faces at the Coach.  Welcome to all and hope to see you again.

Coach and Horses 30th January 2014

This was a really good night at the Coach with lots of people turning up.  Thanks to all those who were there to support us (and to eat of course!). 

Gigs over Christmas period!

As usual, left it late to catch up on gig news, but we had a good time at the usual venues, Coach and Horses, Barneys and various Irish band gigs, plus a fun one with the Swingshift Big Band where I managed to win a large bottle of whisky just before Christmas.  Looking forward to New Year now!  

Barneys October 2013

Really enjoyed this one and sad that it may be the last jazz do for a while at Barneys.  Hopefully we'll be back sometime in the Spring.  


Barneys 14th September 2013

I think that's the most (and loudest) audience I've seen so far!  But good to see lots of young people having a good time.  Note that Barneys also have a restaurant area, aside from the bar area.