Gig reports

Blog entries where I comment on recent engagements.

Gigs at The Empress, Littlehampton

Jazz at the Empress

After a great gig with Mike Pappenheim and the "boys" ! I was asked to do a solo vocal/piano, Sunday lunchtime on 19th October.  Only my second solo one, so I was pleased it went down so well.  Hoping to do further ones.  Unfortunately I have a prior engagement for the the 8th November with the Village Band, so the brilliant Charles is sitting in on the keys for the Empress on 8th.  Hopefully I'll be back to do a few more in future!! 

Coach and Horses

We were pleased to see some old and some new faces at the Coach.  Welcome to all and hope to see you again.

Coach and Horses 30th January 2014

This was a really good night at the Coach with lots of people turning up.  Thanks to all those who were there to support us (and to eat of course!). 

Gigs over Christmas period!

As usual, left it late to catch up on gig news, but we had a good time at the usual venues, Coach and Horses, Barneys and various Irish band gigs, plus a fun one with the Swingshift Big Band where I managed to win a large bottle of whisky just before Christmas.  Looking forward to New Year now!  

Barneys October 2013

Really enjoyed this one and sad that it may be the last jazz do for a while at Barneys.  Hopefully we'll be back sometime in the Spring.  


Little Bay gigs on 13th August and 10th September

We both enjoyed these gigs - the food was great as always and very plentiful.  We tried a few "new" numbers.  Nice to see some familiar faces turn up to support us as well - thanks Phil and Sheila, Ted and Mary!  Alex is keeping very fit running between the piers after finding somewhere to park!!  That's Brighton for you.  Still fixing the date in October - but hopefully will be either 8th or 22nd.


Had another good one at Barneys on Saturday 25th May.  There are nearly always jazz gigs there on Saturday evenings, hosted by Mike Pappenheim.

Cracking gig at Barneys!

Have just got home from a really cracking gig at Barneys!  Me on vocals and keyboards with Lightnin' Mike and the boys!  Someone's gone and bought some jazz recordings to play in the intervals too - so it's a real jazz evening every Saturday at Barneys in Portland Road.  I'm back in a fortnight, but there's always jazz there on Saturdays.  Come along and have a meal.  Comfy chairs - the lot!

Honeywood Lane Acoustic Club, Oakwood Hill, Horsham area

Had a lovely gig slot with Gary Holder in a smart Village Hall on Friday.  Free entry and a pub just a few hundred yards up the road.  Although you can bring your own drinks or have tea/coffee and chocky bics in the hall.  If you like acoustic music then have a look at Gary's website on  as Gary has a few acoustic clubs scattered around the Worthing to Horsham area and is always looking for keen, new players and bands.