Various !

Well, things have certainly shifted a bit this year.  I've taken a bit of a break from the Swingshift Big Band to get a bit of space this summer, sort out a few personal issues etc.  And then suddenly the Irish Band ended!  After 26 years.  I was part of the band for around 20 of those years and will certainly miss the friendship and the opportunity to play my violin.  So I've got more space than I anticipated!  However, it inspired me to do a vocal quartet gig at the Hare and Hounds again, in Worthing, as my stepson Alex Stanford agreed to play keys.  Probably the best gig I've done for years.  Fun and relaxed.  Supported by friends and family.  Doesn't actually get much better.  Just hope the guys will agree to do another one on the strength of it!  Helped out by Alex Eberhard, drums and Nigel Thomas, Bass.  Has inspired me to do more singing. I did an unaccompanied rendition of the Marseillaise at our French group earlier in the month.  That seemed to go very well, so maybe there are openings there!  I am less inclined to accept gigs that involve travelling nowadays, due to traffic.    

I'm doing a few deps for friends at the present.  Both keyboards and vocals.  Performing at the Empress, Littlehampton once a month.  

Lightning Mike and I are thinking of doing some duo work with backing tracks, sax and vocals locally, so will see how that goes.  Alex Eberhard is working to get a regular fortnightly jam session going at the Olde House at Home, Broadwater.  Let's hope that is successful.  We need some local venues to give new musicians a chance to have a go.  I was lucky enough to be able to do that many years ago with Lawrence Jones at the Brunswick, Hove.  So I know how important it is.  If it gets going, there's only been one so far, then please support it on Wednesday evenings.  


I am hoping to get a video on line at some point of one of our songs at the Hare.