Eastbourne bandstand gigs


Oh - what is it with Eastbourne ???  First we had the fog and drizzle and squalls and last Thursday it managed to stay dry - but it was so cold!!  I had to resort to the fingerless gloves at the end.  The poor audience were sitting there wrapped up with blankets and winter clothes.  Luckily we had some brilliant dancers to try and encourage people not to think about the cold, but some people did apologise during the break and leave, because they couldn't take any more (of the cold, I hope, not the band!). 

 We are back again next Thursday - then on the 1st August.  There are a couple in August which I can't do, but have a look at the programme for Big Bands in Eastbourne and do support them if you can.  I expect the weather will be brilliant by then...... and finally one on 5th September which I shall be doing.