About me

My father was a jazz drummer back in the 1930’s, so I grew up to the sounds of Duke Ellington, Erroll Garner and Art Tatum. It was a long time before I took up the challenge to sing jazz myself. It was the opportunity to sing with my jazz pianist stepson back in the early 2000’s that got me started. I formed my own quartet and began gigging locally and further afield at corporate events, weddings and the usual pubs.

After singing for about six years I attended the Trinity College Summer Workshop week as a pianist, took some classes at Chichester College on the piano and decided that I would like to proceed with this. Inspired by musicians like Diana Krall, I realised there was an opening for singer/pianists.

So, now I’m branching into a new area of jazz and really enjoying it.

I also sing with a Big Band and play the fiddle in an Irish Band. I’ve been a member of a Cajun band, a Girls’ rock band among others in the past. But ultimately, I realise that jazz is my thing!

My singing can be heard on this web site or you can order a CD from me (conttrol tract details). Hopefully, I’ll be able to record my piano playing shortly.