About me

My father was a jazz drummer back in the 1930’s, so I grew up to the sounds of Duke Ellington, Erroll Garner and Art Tatum. It was a long time before I took up the challenge to sing jazz myself. It was the opportunity to sing with my jazz pianist stepson back in the early 2000’s that got me started. I formed my own quartet and began gigging locally and further afield at corporate events, weddings and the usual pubs.

After singing for about six years I attended the Trinity College Summer Workshop week as a pianist, took some classes at Chichester College on the piano and decided that I would like to proceed with this. Inspired by musicians like Diana Krall, I realised there was an opening for singer/pianists.

So, now I’m branching into a new area of jazz and really enjoying it.

Recent news and apologies for lack of information!

At the Empress

Sorry to have been out of contact for a bit!  Have been doing workshops etc.  Also now doing a vocal stint once a month at the Sussex Produce in Steyning High Street with "Four".   Next one is 26th November in the evening.  So please come along if you can.  It is a restaurant, so may be worth booking a table.  Next Littlehampton gig at the Empress, down on the Quay is on 6th December at 2.00 pm.  Happy Christmas!  

Various !

Well, things have certainly shifted a bit this year.  I've taken a bit of a break from the Swingshift Big Band to get a bit of space this summer, sort out a few personal issues etc.  And then suddenly the Irish Band ended!  After 26 years.  I was part of the band for around 20 of those years and will certainly miss the friendship and the opportunity to play my violin.  So I've got more space than I anticipated!  However, it inspired me to do a vocal quartet gig at the Hare and Hounds again, in Worthing, as my stepson Alex Stanford agreed to play keys.

St Patricks!

Yes - we had two this year.  One private - where there were some truly brilliant Irish dancers!  And one at the Brewers Arms, Burgess Hill.  A tight squeeze for the 6 of us, but they really got into the spirit there and we had a good evening - although pretty exhausting.  

Folkies at the Franklin Arms, Brighton

Good venue for the Irish band.  And we found a parking place nearby!  Pub with lots of young people on the night we were there, Saturday.  

Gigs at the Empress, Littlehampton

Have been playing one Sunday a month and enjoying the challenge!  Good to build up my solo pad.  Am moving slightly away from standard jazz tunes to include some more "recent" artists, such as Billy Joel, Elton John, Beatles.  In fact, just choosing songs that are my own favourites, some of which stray a little from the jazz genre but are nice to sing and play on the piano.  It's a lovely venue, right on the riverside, with seats outside.  There is a jazz soloist each Sunday afternoon.  


Gig at the Sussex Produce, Steyning

Sussex Produce Exterior

A fun evening with packed restaurant with Quintessence, sitting in for their resident pianist, Peter, on 30th October.  This is a stylish little restaurant hidden behind a lovely fruit/veg store in Steyning High Street and well worth a visit.  But book first!  I shall be back there on 20th November, but this time as vocalist, standing in for Debs!   It pays to turn your hand at lots of different things in the music world. 

Gigs at The Empress, Littlehampton

Jazz at the Empress

After a great gig with Mike Pappenheim and the "boys" ! I was asked to do a solo vocal/piano, Sunday lunchtime on 19th October.  Only my second solo one, so I was pleased it went down so well.  Hoping to do further ones.  Unfortunately I have a prior engagement for the the 8th November with the Village Band, so the brilliant Charles is sitting in on the keys for the Empress on 8th.  Hopefully I'll be back to do a few more in future!! 

Summer activities!

Aprile at Empress

Having had a great time in Burgundy with Swing Shift, I had a few days in Varna, Bulgaria and a week playing piano at a jazz summer school in the Loire.  Both great.

Having fitted all this around folk gigs at Horsham, Patching, Brighton Blind Veterans (an amazing place on the hill) and the wettest gig ever at poor Ansty's summer fete (yes, it was Bank Holiday Monday), I then sang the last two Eastbourne bandstand gigs.